Here's to Every Chai Premi and Chai Wala offering personalised Tea experiences.

Here's to Every Chai Premi and Chai Wala offering personalised Tea experiences.

 India and its love for Tea… Chai Premi

India has become synonymous with  Tea. We don’t need reasons to relish tea and time,  Does that even matter?


For India Life without this brew is unimaginable. We Indians were introduced to tea in mid-nineteenth century, when British started plantations in Assam and Darjeeling. Initially, we Indians  shunned the drink… hum aur humari shak karne ki aadat! Anyway, we thought it was a poison that could lead to umpteen diseases. Lekin phir Angreez chale gaye aur Chai humara culture ban gayi.

Brits introduced us to black tea,  adding milk and sugar separately. I am sure it must be a mother jissne pehli Chai paka di hogi. And we didn’t stop there. We altered the recipe and added spices (humara desi tadka) to create the ever-popular Masala Chai. From Adarak (ginger) wali Chai, to Ilaichi chai; Doodh mein patti ya kum doodh wali Kadak Chai; Cheeni kum Patti Zyada to Cheeni Rok ke Patti Thok Ke, we have very many renditions of our beloved Chai.


Ab to sama yeh hai ki har mohalle mein aur kuch mile na mile , Chai ki dukaan zaroor milegi.


After all,  India is the second largest producer of tea in the world and we Indians consume about 8,37,000 tonnes of tea every year, making it country’s most popular and loved beverage, humara perfect companion. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a rainy day, badal matlab Chai aur pakode. It is that comforting cup on a winter morning or a soothing drink on a hot summer afternoon. Tea has  proven to be the drink that stimulates the senses, refreshes the mind and soul. Issi liye toh chahe ghar pe guest aaye ho ya koi badi official meeting ho; Mood kharaab ho ya acche din ko aur behtar banana ho… Ek cup Chai does it all.  Infact Kissi ke ghar jaa kar chai na piyo to host naaraaz ho jaata hai!


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